Sozo announces new recycling program reducing garment waste


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Sozo recycling
Sozo has a worthy mission. Photo via

Sozo Trading Co. is reducing waste in the community of Avondale by launching a program that recycles waste clothing and fabrics. Do you want to know how they’re going to do this? Read on to find out.

Reduce waste from the fashion industry

Bham Recycle
Some of Bham’s recycled materials. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Did you know that around 15% of textiles are recycled nationally each year? This means that around 11 million tonnes of clothing and fabrics are thrown away. So a lot of material ends up in landfills.

Sozo’s plan to help the environment

mural in Sozo (recycling)
The new mural of Sozo Trading Co. Photo via Sozo Trading Co.

Earlier this year, Sozo Trading Co. stopped using plastic bags altogether. Now Sozo is trying to recycle or turn an old material into a new product.

Thanks to a grant from a local foundation, Sozo is able to purchase the equipment needed for the new recycling program.

So what’s Sozo’s plan?

Sozo’s recycling plan includes weaving the fabric into new clothes. Sozo hopes to turn fabrics into home insulation or carpet padding!

Fun fact: Polyester can be shredded and melted into “new” plastics.

Recycling is in

students working at sozo
Three students work at Sozo Trading Co. Photo via Sozo Trading Co.

Sozo cannot recycle without your help. Do you have extra clothes, shoes, bags and cardboard? You can give it your all in their store.

Site: 4 41st St S, Birmingham, AL
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-6pm

We’re excited to see Sozo’s recycling helping the community. Reduce, challenge, recycle Bham!

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