Taliban ‘Flog’ Afghans who wear western clothes, the price of the burqa doubles



  • The Taliban have yet to enforce a dress code for men
  • Burqa sellers say their sales increased after Taliban takeover of country on August 15
  • Insurgents use women as sex slaves, ex-Afghan judge says

The Taliban are now “flogging” young Afghans who were found wearing Western-style clothing, according to a social media post.

In a now viral Facebook post, a young Afghan man said he was walking with friends in Kabul when Taliban fighters beat them and threatened them at gunpoint for wearing Western-style clothing. According to the young men, the Taliban soldiers accused them of disrespecting Islam for wearing T-shirts and jeans.

In a New York Post article, a reporter from Etilaatroz, an Afghan newspaper, allegedly said he was also whipped by insurgents over the weekend for not wearing “Afghan clothes”.

The Taliban still decide on the dress code for men, a Taliban official told Etilaatroz, according to The Telegraph.

Reports of flogging arise as Afghans voice concerns about violence under the Taliban regime. The insurgents are known for their religious extremism and brutal punishments. During the Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, Afghans found wearing anything other than religious clothing were beaten or killed. Women who wore nail polish often had their fingers cut off.

The Taliban previously required women to wear a burqa from the age of eight. The recent takeover of Afghanistan by the extremist group has caused burqa prices to rise in Kabul.

Fahruddin Saib Zada, a merchant who sells burqas, said he has sold an average of 40 wraparound clothes since the Taliban took control of the country on August 15. Before the takeover, the merchant only sold 12 a day, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reports of the flogging come even as the Taliban pledged last week that no one would be harmed under their rule. However, other incidents of violence were reported last week.

In the north of the country, a group of Taliban fighters reportedly set an Afghan woman on fire because they were not happy with her cooking. Najla Ayoubi, a former judge, also said she received reports of women being used by insurgents as sex slaves.

“They force people to feed them and cook food for them. There are also so many young women… in the past few weeks, who have been shipped to neighboring countries in coffins to be used as sex slaves, ”Ayoubi told Sky News.

“I don’t see where the promise is that they think women should go to work when we are seeing all of these atrocities,” she added.

Women’s rights, especially to education and work, are of urgent concern after Taliban takeover in Afghanistan Photo: AFP / AREF KARIMI

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