The 7 Design Trends All Spring Markets Agree On

As design shows and industry events heat up after a volatile two years, manufacturers’ optimism is showing in the products they’re showcasing. Based on the novelties presented at Maison & Objet, Paris Déco Off, High Point Market, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), and more, furniture and design trends are bright, joyful and above all fun. As natural materials (rattan), textured (bouclé) and curved furniture continue their reign, we predict that new silhouettes, as well as transporting and whimsical designs, will soon dominate the market. Below, check out AD PRO’s best takeaways that we’ll be sure to see at Salone del Mobile in June and on Instagram feeds for years to come.

Grand Paradise

While flora and fauna have always been favorite subjects for artists and designers, this season we’re seeing a heightened appreciation for bold variations that evoke global locations. To take Wonders of Egypt by Pierre Frey collection, which transports viewers to the banks of the Nile: line highlights include vibrant wallpaper designed by artist Louis Barthélemy, as well as rugs that celebrate the symbolic associations of the lotus flower. Meanwhile, Fromental is turning to Asia with its Kiku wallcovering, after a late 19th century vase with a chrysanthemum motif. At Maison & Objet, Japanese design had a moment worth celebrating: Tokyo-based textile designer Youri Himuro was among the recipients of its Rising Talent Awards and featured a Bloom woven blanket with floral and leaf designs on the front and back.

Cheryl Luckett for Wildwood.

Maison & Objet’s new lighting designs were particularly portable. The, Casa RemediosThe La Fauna collection by , a tribute to Colombian craftsmen, presents a modern ostrich game à la Lalanne, composed of a metal structure with recycled plastic. (The collection also includes benches, consoles, etc.) Elsewhere, African wholesaler Ngala Trading delicious monster laser-cut leather pendant on a hand-polished stainless steel skeleton, and Muriel UghettoThe feather, glass, and wood lights appeared like floating, glowing succulents. At the High Point, Skyline FurnitureThe seafoam, laurel, chocolate, sesame and terracotta palette, shown on tropical fabrics, including a banana leaf motif, was carried over into the creations of several other designers. Standouts include Garden Party high-contrast lamps and bowls from Cheryl Luckett for Wildwood (also at High Point), Flower tableware and Clarita tables by Popus Editions, inspired by the floral motifs of the 1970s, and Matisse Houseof home accessories, inspired by the eponymous artist.

The Al Dente collection by Caleb Ferris.

surreal sensibility

Surrealist design has been on the rise for several seasons, and this spring’s trompe l’oeil designs have proven to be particularly exciting. Kalco Lighting debuted elegant yet bizarre chandeliers that pay homage to Salvador Dalí, while La LanguOchat by The collection of lovers doubles as a work of art, with its copper-wire negligees and underwear hanging from illuminated hangers. Vincent Darré’s collections for from Gournay and Okay offer playful, surrealist-inspired decor and furnishings that reimagine the columns and architectural motifs of ancient Greece. Keep your head in the clouds with Atelier Anne-Pierre Malval Bilbao pendantsor dive under the sea with the delicacy of Florence Lemoine jellyfish-like lighting. Black Furniture Drop the console and Herve Van der Straeten Console limit, composed of trapezoidal prisms in colored and polished stainless steel, both seem to rise up as if by magic. Maison & Objet also presented several surrealist-inspired ceramic showcases, as illustrated by Passage Secret’s Splash! collection and the birds of Monochromic, ready to take flight. Meanwhile, at ICFF, we watched the strange, floating T-lamp of Harry Allen, as well as Caleb Ferris Al Dente Collection—who knew a range of pasta-inspired furniture could be so chic?

The Santana sofa by Alfredo Paredes for EJ Victor.

Photo: Bjorn Wallander

Fringe Festival

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