The Bolton boxer is teaming up with a clothing brand to represent his hometown

A BOXER has partnered with clothing brand Bolton in his first sponsorship to represent his hometown in the ring and beyond.

Ali Akbar Javid, an amateur boxer from the borough, is eager to return to the ring in shorts made for him by Bark Street-based fashion house Zanouchi.

With classic t-shirts, tracksuits, joggers, hoodies and sweatshirts all featuring the Zanouchi logo, Ali himself thinks this is the perfect style of clothing for his everyday wear.

Ali said: “I’ve always been a tracksuit guy so when I saw the clothing line I knew it would suit me and keep me cool and if you look good you feel Good.”

“I post a lot on my social media, that’s how they got in touch with me, and they’re going to give me my shorts for my next fight, so I thought it was a good partnership.

“It’s hard to find good sponsors and this is my first so I’m happy to have them on board.”

Zanouchi founder Bill Akram is eager to pair the brand’s staple pieces with homegrown sporting talent, finding the perfect candidate in the 19-year-old boxer.

Bill said: “Sponsoring new sporting talent to the region aligns with our brand philosophy of young people who make a statement, regardless of background.

“Athletes know what clothes work and what clothes don’t when training or competing, and Zanouchi delivers styles that provide an edge.”

Ali, an eight-time North West regional champion, moved from the Bury Amateur Boxing Club to Jennings Gym to train.

He got into boxing when he was just eight years old, looking to his brothers, Nasser, Yasir, Amir and Jaffer, in the ring for inspiration.

He said: “All my brothers got to a good level but quit after a while so I’m the only one sticking to it, but they always told me not to make the same mistakes. This support is really important for me because without my father and I wouldn’t be boxing today, he really helped me.

After winning his first national title, of which he now has three, Ali got the virus and 40 fights later is the last guy anyone wants to fight.

He added: “I just thought I was decent at it and now I’m splitting pros and I can handle it, so I know that’s the career for me.”

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