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Whether you’ve visited Las Vegas for Jewelry Week or just experienced it on your Instagram feed, you might have noticed a jewel-adorned menagerie on your screen. As demand for jewelry that makes us feel good to wear and see (the so-called dopaminergic band-aid) grows, jewelers are using their designer talents to create fun pieces with a capital “F.”

“We create what we love,” Brecken Farnsworth, co-owner of Parlé Gems, told me as I visited her at the show. Farnsworth talked about a number of designs she’s recently created, including a winged tooth fairy pendant, marking a whimsical break from the brand’s typical designs. “They thought I was crazy,” she says. “The piece sold.” Others like her have also sold out, proof of the demand for feel-good pieces as we dress to maximize happiness.

Dallas Prince Critter Couture
Sterling silver pendants from the Critter Couture line by Dallas Prince: a goldfish, a butterfly and a frog, with enamel and gemstones

Many other brands echoed this sentiment, offering whimsical and lightweight styles among their featured collections. One such designer was Dallas Prince, who with over 20 years of experience in the industry has quite a list of accomplishments to her name. If you’ve ever watched a jewelry segment on Shop HQ (formerly Shop NBC), you might recognize Prince’s face – the brand also appears on TVSN in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Juwelo in Berlin.

Dallas Prince Hummingbird Earrings
Prince of Dallas Hummingbird Earrings in Sterling Silver Gold Plated with Enamel

For the first time at a trade show, Prince showcased his designs “as seen on TV”, giving attendees even more styles to browse and love. Critter Couture, a sterling silver line with colored gemstones and shiny enamel, was one of them.

Dallas Prince lovebirds pendant
A gold plated sterling silver lovebirds pendant with enamel by Dallas Prince

If these styles don’t make you smile, nothing will! Colorful hummingbirds, beautiful butterflies, frogs, lovebirds – even a goldfish – they’re all here, deliciously decadent with black opals and diamonds, turquoise and enamel. Some of the pieces are even made to move, like the floating butterfly ring that would surely prevent its wearer from doing anything productive while wearing it.

You can see more pieces at Dallas Prince’s website.

Top: Hummingbird pendant in sterling silver and enamel by Dallas Prince

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