The Hype Kids of SoHo on Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Loro Piana Collaboration


What do you get when you intersect the epitome of classic Italian craftsmanship with the patron saint of sneakers all over? In the case of Loro Piana recent collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara the answer is a collection of tasteful knitwear that even kids can get into. This fall, the Italian brand called on Fujiwara, the legendary Japanese streetwear designer, fresh out of a fashion stint by creating Nike’s Fragment sneaker collection, to try his hand at knits and timeless tailoring, with great success. “Partnering with brands to create new artwork is refreshing and empowering every time,” says Fujiwara. “That’s what motivates me. For Fujiwara, the collection, released today, is poised to “expand Loro Piana’s audience to younger people, by combining easy-to-handle materials with street elements.” Indeed, the 55 pieces of the collection, rendered in natural and fluid silhouettes and using rich textures, in particular wools and cashmere, manage to perfectly marry the urban side of Fujiwara’s creations with the chic sensibility which is the card of visit of the brand. But don’t take our word for it. Below, Maintenance took to the streets of SoHo to see what some of the best dressed kids in town have to say about the new collection.


GRACE, 20, MERCHANDISING: Hiroshi is so sick. It’s like, very streetwear and quite monochrome, which I like. I would definitely wear these pants, much like I’m wearing them right now, honestly. With chunky sneakers and an overshirt, maybe a little crop top or a bra. It could be cute.


INTERVIEW: Do you know Hiroshi Fujiwara?

PARKER, 20 YEARS OLD, SKATIER: I know Hiroshi. I had no idea he was doing this sort of thing, however.

INTERVIEW: What would you say if your mother bought you these clothes?

PARKER: I’ll be in it. I’d be like, “Yo mom, good call on the dress.”


ALE, 19, MODEL: This hat is awesome. Would wear.


DAVID, 21, STUDENT: It has very minimalist vibes. I would probably wear this one wear this one with the coat to a date. It’s a bit classy, ​​a bit relaxed. She’s going to look at me and think, “Oh, he’s so cultured. “

MAYA, 20, STUDENT: I ​​would say, “Okay, he has a look. “


ANONYMOUS, 22, FASHION: I like a monochrome look, I like it to be a dark navy, I like this suit. These are good basics, there are some amazing pant silhouettes. You can blend in perfectly with the city in these. So neutral.


ANNA, 22, DANCER: “It makes me feel at ease. It makes me fall.


MAX, 19, SKATIER: Can I have this skirt?

INTERVIEW: Do you think you could skate there?

MAX: Only one way to find out.


TYLER, 27, FASHION: When it comes to knitting, I’ve seen it all. This has a Vetements feel, old Calvin Klein. I would wear this to work in the winter, no doubt. It is to give “I am clean, I am adjusted and I know how a shirt works.” Who is the designer?

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