The NY Jets have officially changed the narrative

The NY Jets had gone more than 1,000 days without a division win heading into Sunday’s game. It had been even longer since losing the Miami Dolphins, their Week 5 opponents.

The stage was set for a classic Jets disappointment. The momentum was on their side after a behind-the-scenes win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4. The Jets’ fan base was agitated for a division win in a meaningful October game.

In years past, it’s a game the Jets would have lost — probably by multiple scores. But that’s not what happened. This is not how this story ended.

You see, the Jets won. And they didn’t just win, they blasted their opponents to the tune of a 40-17 beatdown. They ran away with a resounding victory at home against their division rivals to improve to 3-2 this season and place squarely in the playoff table.

In doing so, they proved that these are not the Jets of old. This “Same Old Jets” narrative is dead in the water, at least for now. It’s a new team, a new era.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at the final score, but it wasn’t always a one-sided affair. Far from it, in fact. The Jets led by just five points at halftime and entered the fourth quarter clinging to a two-point lead.

But the Jets did what they’ve done all year in the fourth quarter. They loaded up.

First it was a seven-play, 56-yard touchdown set up by a missed Dolphins field goal that gave the Jets a 26-17 lead. It was a statement at a time when the Dolphins seemed to have all the momentum.

Rookie running back Brece room took over, finishing just three yards rushing a day of 100 rushing yards and 100 receiving yards. He helped spark a 21-point Jets fourth quarter that shut the door on any potential Dolphins comeback.

On the very first play of the Dolphins’ upcoming practice, the Jets’ defense hit a massive tape bag. This time it was Carl Lawson who beat his man and forced the fumble, allowing Quinnen Williams to force her way to the five-yard line, with a stiff arm from Tyreek Hill in the process.

The rest was just a formality.

This is how you close games. This is how you beat your division rivals. This is how you change the narrative.

In a season that has been marred by bad football, the Jets have a legitimate case to be considered a top-15 team. It doesn’t matter who the Dolphins had at QB in this game – Skylar Thompson isn’t the reason Miami lost by 23 points.

The Jets were the best team in Week 5. They didn’t lay an egg like many expected. They didn’t fold when Miami started to show some life in the second half.

Instead, they doubled down and closed the door on a comeback attempt with a timely clutch and band bag.

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The old Jets don’t do that. The “Same Old Jets” lose this game. But these are not the “Same Old Jets”.

Consider that the narrative has changed.

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