The Pixel Watch Woven strap is comfortable, but pricey

Google’s Pixel Watch has a limited number of bands available, and while the one that comes out of the box is pretty good, there’s room for improvement in comfort. The Pixel Watch “Woven” band is an obvious choice in this regard, but it seems a bit overpriced.

Unlike the Active band, the Pixel Watch’s Woven band is made from “recycled yarn”, which itself is made from recycled plastic. This makes the band a great choice for those who are a bit eco-conscious, but it also leads to a band that breathes better than the fluoroelastomer material of Google’s default choice.

In practice, it certainly works. I quickly walked away from the Active band after getting my hands on the Pixel Watch because it was starting to irritate my wrist, much like my colleague Kyle Bradshaw. The woven band was an immediate improvement for the Pixel Watch in terms of 24/7 wear, allowing for much more comfortable wear throughout the day and night. Much depends on how thin the strap material is and, therefore, how light it is.

Does the woven band cause skin irritation? During the two weeks or so, I wore it daily, no! I noticed that if I sweat I would feel the plastic end of the band a little more on the inside, but it never caused any irritation or discomfort.

And in the looks department, I think the Woven band complements the Pixel Watch beautifully. I chose the “Ivy” color, which has a dark green material and a lighter green connector. With the gold Pixel Watch, it’s a lovely look. I even ended up placing an order for the Lemongrass color for a pop of color in my collection.

But still, there are some complaints here for me. Although it looks and feels great, I think the Woven Strap for the Pixel Watch is terribly expensive. It’s a good quality band, no doubt, but it definitely shouldn’t cost more than $40 in my opinion. At its current price of $60, it’s a tough pill to swallow, considering you can get a high-quality leather strap for $20 more.

Beyond that, I’m also concerned about the clasp of this band.

The clasp is basically just a piece of plastic that wraps around another piece of plastic with friction as the only thing holding it in place. It’s a snug fit that hasn’t come undone by mistake for me, but I can’t help but worry that slipping or bumping my wrist into something will undo it, and I’m really worried about how whose mechanism will age.

It’s just plastic, after all, and it will surely start to lose some of that friction as you take the watch off a few times a day. I also noticed that this band seems to sit in the special connector on the Pixel Watch a little looser than the active band, but that doesn’t affect the actual connection.

That said, I’ll give Google credit for the sizing method. You only have to adjust the size once when you first get the band, and after that it locks into place, so taking off and putting the band back on is a simple ‘click’. I still don’t like the clasp implementation, but the ideas behind it are pretty cool.

If you want to add a Woven strap to your Pixel Watch collection, you can buy one from the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy, and other outlets, though the colors are a bit mixed between retailers. I’ve found shipping to be fastest through Best Buy, but your results may vary.

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