The spectacular Tanglewood house becomes a wonderland for fabulous clothes, divine jewelry and sassy hats

IIt was one of those rare afternoons where fashion, fabulous hats and fine jewelry converge – over a distinguished lunch at one of Tanglewood’s most elegant homes. Thanks, Amir Taghi, Franco Valobra and Therese Foglia for accommodation, as well as PaperCityan intimate meeting of the elegance of the South.

Only a month earlier, the Iranian-American Taghi had returned from his studio in New York to show his most recent collection at a similar party at her parents’ house – a stunning abode with museum-quality artwork and gleaming antique Baccarat chandeliers and sconces.

Champagne flutes in hand, guests strolled through the dining room where to-die-for jewelry from Valobra’s ongoing collection was on display and the family room where Valobra Master Jewelers presented the new jewelry collection, which, for the record, made this band swoon. We observed several women taking note of certain pieces placed on their must-have list for Mother’s Day and special birthdays.

“Apart from Valobra’s collection, my sister (Cristina) collaborated and helped design this collection with a very talented Italian company called Verdi,” says Valobra. “It’s the first time it’s been shown in the United States, the first time it’s left Italy and we really love it. We love coral. We love turquoise.

“We love summer coloring. But in the United States you can wear coral all year round, especially in the south and certainly in Texas. I like the fact that it’s jewelry that you can wear day and night. Diamonds are still present but not massively present. Colors are the base and the most important factor.

Also in the dining room, Foglia’s team had covered the top of the grand piano with a selection of couture hats that have been all the rage since the designer’s boutique opened in the River Oaks neighborhood.

Franco Valobra, Kristin Van Ness, Isabella Reimer, Cristina Valobra at the Spring Luncheon showcasing the new jewelry collection.

Once seated at the three dining tables, flowers made in antique vases by Taghi (another of her creative inclinations), the ladies were treated to a parade of creations from her fall ’22 collection, a vibrant display by the designer of 26 years old refined talent.

And, yes, several of the ladies have signed for pieces in the collection, including Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell, who wore one of Taghi’s colorful dresses for the Evening in the Park fundraiser hosted by the Hermann Park Conservancy. Many were devotees such as Leigh Smith and jesse rogerwho taught Taghi at Episcopal High School before heading to New York to earn a degree at Parsons School of Design.

Seen on PC: Kelley Lubanko, Catarina Valobra, Luvi Wheelock, Duyen Nguyen, Christie Sullivan, Mignon Gill, Amy Pierce, Kristin Van Ness, Isabella Reimer, Beth Zdeblick, Meredith Marshall, Joy Kubler, Tiffany Halik, Kendra Smith, Hannah Smith, by Valobra Kristen Canonand PaperCityit is Monica Bickers and Meredith Riddle Chastang.

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