The winter needs of CASDA and PAVSA go beyond clothing

DOUBLE PORTS – During the winter season, organizations helping those recovering from the effects of assault and abuse have unique needs. These needs may not always be what you think you need.

If you are considering donating clothing, you may want to reconsider your choice or choose carefully.

“Everyone wanted to clean their closet during COVID,” says JoAnne Sanders, shelter program coordinator at Superior’s Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse. “We’re pretty well stocked on a lot of things. We actually had to turn down donations, unfortunately, because we are so stocked with so many things. “

Sanders adds that they’re looking for items that can help people feel more at home. This may include towels, slippers, cleaning supplies, and selected clothing. “We want people to come in and feel safe. One of the things we do when we get home is put on comfortable clothes, so we want that for them when they come in. “

More information about CASDA can be found here.

It’s a similar situation to the Sexual Assault Assistance Program in Duluth. Executive Director Sara Niemi says they don’t need clothes, but rather need donations that they can send as part of the virtual programs they ran during the pandemic, which included projects journaling and art.

“So some of the items that are useful for this are journals of all kinds, new journals,” Niemi explains, “and markers or crayons that are new, as well as 8 by 10 canvases are always great for. that we can put in these bags.

Niemi also encourages people to volunteer their time to help them run their services. “COVID has really had an impact on our volunteer base. For many reasons, some people have had different challenges in their lives or had reasons not to be able to volunteer or to be so readily available to volunteer. So we always need volunteers.

Their next training sessions for volunteers will take place in the spring. More information about PAVSA can be found here.

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