This candle melts to reveal a spooky unicorn skeleton


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It is usually not a good thing when your candles have completely melted, as that means it is time to invest in new candles. There’s a candle now, however, where getting to the end of the wick just means you’ve got something brand new.

This PyroPet purple unicorn candle on Amazon melts to reveal a spooky, but also quite adorable, skeleton. Priced at $ 52, it’s a bit pricey for a candle, but it has a 16 hour burn time and you end up with a pretty fun decoration when melted.

With over 1,470 reviews it has 4.8 out of 5 stars. Reviews say it burns well and it’s fun to watch it melt.


If unicorns aren’t your thing, the same brand, PyroPet Store, has other fondant candles, including a dog, dragon, and reindeer. Some are currently sold out, but the dragon is in stock and about $ 20 cheaper than the unicorn at $ 31.07.

There is also a gummy bear skeleton candle which is in stock at another brand, Skeleton Candles. It costs $ 40. The gummy bear has a burn time of 5-7 hours and a fruity scent.


If these candles are a little out of your price range, the Bath & Body Works Halloween collection is full of spooky candles, all for around half the price of the unicorn. While none of them melt to reveal any decoration, many of them come in containers or have equally adorable labels and the scents are amazing.

This Haunted Nights candle has a forest aroma with clary sage, mahogany and verbena, reminiscent of an evening straw walk or a ghost hunt in the woods, while the label is purple with skeletons. If you like classic fall scents, Pumpkin Carving smells of freshly cut pumpkin, spicy pumpkin seeds, and brown sugar.

Bath and Body

You will also find a bat pedestal stand that can make any candle more spooky or that little black cat that hangs on the side of any large candle or mug.

Will you be ordering a spooky candle in time for Halloween?

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