This furniture collection also doubles as flower pots with an ultimate Japandi vibe!


After spending 99% of my time at home over the past two years, I have naturally developed a strong sense of furniture design. My favorite style is the Japandi or Scandinavian design because I love their minimal aesthetic, functionality, and evergreen pieces – all of which I see in Lur! This is a collection of furniture that includes potted planters that also serve as seating in the most organic way. It was designed for Alki, a brand that always seeks to collaborate with local companies which makes it even more special because it brings together distinct know-how and materials.

To create the Lur collection, designer Iratzoki Lizaso visited Goicoechea Pottery and worked with the local team. The pottery workshop is based in Ortzaize in Lower Navarre, a few kilometers from Alki. The Goicoechea family has been working with terracotta for three generations. The materials used, solid oak, and clay from the Goicoechea family quarry, are here entirely natural.

The collection consists of planters and a bistro table. They all have soft curves and organic shapes with a warm aesthetic thanks to the choice of materials and CMF details. It is minimal, timeless and can work equally well for homes, offices and public spaces. The idea of ​​being able to vegetate our interiors with pots which are also low tables or seats participates in the creation of living and changing arrangements. These terracotta containers with an eccentric hole on the top, house flower pots that allow many unique and artistic compositions that can change the look of a space!

Alki, the pottery team and Iratzoki Lizaso enjoyed bringing together different craft skills to create Lur. The collection centers around the idea of ​​plant pots that can serve as both shelves and coffee tables that add an extra dose of greenery to our spaces. Everything is bio-sourced and manufactured with the intention of working universally and sustainably. The clay is made into a beautiful pink terracotta with a distinct texture with an off-center opening ready to hold flower pots and plants. The Lur range shows beauty in simplicity while doubling functionality with minimal design!

Designer: Iratzoki Lizaso

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