Three Star Trek: Discovery Ships Warp In Star Trek: Universe Collection

Hero Collector adds three new ships from Star Trek: Discovery

Hero Collector’s Star Trek: Universe collection is growing. The starships from the first season of Star Trek: Picard have already been presented, and now it’s time to introduce three new starships from Star Trek: Discovery: the USS Discovery-A (Refit), Section 31 Deimos-Class and the starship. by Cleveland Booker. . With each ship, you will receive a magazine that includes a detailed profile of the ship, behind-the-scenes information that tells you about its creation, as well as original sketches and interviews with artists / designers.

These Star Trek: Discovery ships are added to the Universe collection

The first is the USS Discovery-A (refurbishment): This ship had to undergo a major refit after its brutal and violent arrival in the 32nd century. Futuristic technology was added and the ship was returned to service as USS Discovery NCC-1031-A.

Then comes the Section 31 Deimos Class. The covert operations agency known as Section 31 had a number of ships at its disposal, one of which was the Deimos class which was its main ship. And a pretty incredible one at that! The Demios class was based on the Federation’s conception of a smaller science destroyer. It has loads of autonomous drone combatants stored in the saucer “wings” on either side of its central spine and is truly a sharp looking ship.

And finally there is Booker’s ship Cleveland which is a small scout ship with a concealment device, a subspace communication system, and faster-than-light propulsion systems. But what sets the ship apart is its ability to “transform” into different configurations, even in mid-flight. It never gets old!

According to Hero Collector, all of these ships as well as those from Star Trek: Universe Collection are as accurate as they get. ViacomCBS oversees every phase of production to ensure screen accuracy as much as possible. The ships are made of high quality die-cast metal and resin and are hand painted. Each comes with a base and stand for the display.

You can register for a Monthly subscription to the Hero Collector spaceship collections, or you can purchase each ship individually through the Eaglemoss Shop or specialized retail business. Isn’t it time to expand your collection?

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