Urvashi Lele’s passion project, Maison Audmi, celebrates the fluidity of genres through design


MUMBAI, India, Sept.27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Urvashi Lele, a Los Angeles-based designer who has created a ten-year career in design and animation, has found herself in love with the world of fashion. Having worked with some of the most renowned brands in the design industry, she was able to recognize a gap in the Indian gender-neutral clothing market, and in 2020 she decided to act with her first fashion company, Maison Audmi. .

With his brand, the intention was to reinvent people’s perception of clothing and allow it to be an extension of their personality. Each garment is handcrafted and made to order with durable textiles. She uses the power of storytelling through design which makes each piece unique and extremely special. Urvashi Lele, director of Maison Audmi adds: “ I wanted to create a line with a goal, which conveys a simple but singular message but which makes a statement. The fashion world has come a long way, and over time we have to be prepared to evolve. ” The name Maison Audmi comes from a fusion of the two Hindi words, Aurat and Aadmi as an ironic tribute to the genre of androgynous fashion. Its capsule collection, made up of seven garments, embodies an aesthetic inspired by the Nymphs of Greek mythology. Intrigued by the depicted landscapes of their time that featured earthy tones and a soft color palette, she was able to bring these elements to her final creations. They also celebrate Greek and Mediterranean culture through the use of hand-woven fabrics like Ikat weavings which use more geometric patterns as well as bold block-printed floral designs on hand-woven cotton and cotton-silk. . Maison Maison Audmi prides itself on being part of the slow fashion movement by making conscious decisions such as sourcing natural ethical fabrics and manufactured in limited quantities.

She aims to unite the worlds of fashion and animation, drawing on her personal experience in both industries. The alumnus of UCLA, UCA and Rochester UK has propelled her career in graphic design, illustration and fashion design by defying the norm. With an impressive list of clients to support her including DNEG Redefine, Quibi, Attn Media Los Angeles, Cutlass Productions UK, Jakks Pacific Toys, KNOCK LA, Kyle Newacheck from Comedy Central and a variety of festivals at the Animation Block Party, NYC , the Downtown Tyler Film Festival, the IMDB One-Reeler Movie Awards and Movie Meditation Night by LA City Council member Nithya Raman, she was able to steer her career in the right direction. His time abroad and his various design experiences have contributed to his vision of conserving an inclusive clothing brand and make remarkable nods to color theory, character design, harmony of compositions and sculpture, all basic concepts taught in the design school.

Her first collection for Indian indie label Auréole Hand Crafted Clothing will be previewed in the coming months. With the intention of using gamification to transform a user’s fashion experience and the way they shop, she returns to the drawing board.

For more information, visit: www.maisonaudmi.com and @maisonaudmi.

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