Vee’s Couture launches its first ‘Serenity’ bridal collection

Last weekend, in the most exciting and unexpected way, Vee’s Couture launched its first bridal collection, ‘Serenity‘. The collection was launched in an innovative way on Friday January 28and two away

Dominica’s main supermarkets – Best Price and Fresh Market – among customers buying their daily and weekend groceries.

The collection includes 8 unique pieces designed by Ms. Avena Prince (Vee), owner and designer at Vee’s Couture. While the pieces in the bespoke collection were presented in the bride’s traditional white color, Ms Prince said some designs may be available in different colors depending on the bride’s desire. When asked what inspired her to create her own collection, Vee said brides often come to her establishment wanting wedding dresses that aren’t the “everyday look.” “Some people want everything about their wedding to be unique to them, and even something that can start a family tradition of passing it down from mother to daughter one day. It helps to be able to show that client what that dress can look like,” she said, “Although they can choose to customize this design. It eases the spirit of the bride-to-be to have a physical base to work with. So while we’re catering to the bride looking for a traditional wedding dress, we want the “out-of-the-box” thinker to know that we’re catering to them as well.

Commenting on the location chosen for the launch, the creator of the 2019 ‘Creole Mixture’ collection said: “The goal was to do something different. Something unexpected that no one would have thought of. It’s 2022, people are still afraid to go out due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many want events they can enjoy without the hassle and stress of extra precautions. when we

approached supermarket chefs with the idea, they were intrigued and responded positively. They agreed that customers could enjoy a unique shopping experience with a free fashion show.

Although a few shoppers might have been a bit disturbed, the majority of those present enjoyed the show as they congratulated the “bride” and asked humorous questions of other shoppers and supermarket staff.

Customers at Fresh Market and Best Price have described the pieces as “beautiful”, “unique” and “bold”, among other descriptions. While all the pieces evoked a “wow” from various shoppers, the pieces that caught a lot of attention were the pants, as well as the Bridal Dwiyèt. To allow those at home to enjoy the event, it was broadcast live by Emonews and an edited version was uploaded to Royal Globe Inc.’s YouTube channel “RGI Easy Sewings”. The collection is visible on the company’s website where pieces can be purchased and appointments made to see the designer of this piece and other fashionable pieces you may be interested in.

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