Vigor + Luminosity embody Armadillo’s new Sistine rug collection

Armadillo floor mat catalog can be described in one word: timeless. Refined and constantly evolving, the brand’s rugs are handcrafted by artisans, thus perpetuating the lineage of this craft. Today, the sustainable rug company announces the arrival of its latest collection, Sistine.


The most opulent addition to their rug family is delicately hand-knotted using a blend of fine silk and virgin wool. Sixtine is available in three shades: Manuka, Peregrine and Semolina, each exploring the tension between softness and strength of the brand’s unique materiality.

stylish space with neutral tone floor rugs and leather upholstered furniture


India’s textile history is rich and layered, with its silk production dating back over 4000 years. In traditional ceremonies, silk has long been revered as a material of unparalleled beauty and divine purity. It is also a fiber renowned for its durability. The Sixtine collection embodies this dichotomy of ethereal force. Choose from a range of sizes to fit your space 8 x 10′, 9 x 12′ or 10 x 14′.

detail of neutral tone floor rug and upholstered furniture


Sixtine is Armadillo’s most ethereal expression of centuries-old craftsmanship with truly luxurious results. The finishing touch is a marbled texture that creates both a compelling canvas and an elegant sensory experience underfoot. Armadillo is the first Australian and American carpet brand to achieve B Corp certification and promises to be kind to your senses and the environment. Browse the Sixtine collection on

overhead shot of a neutral tone floor rug and side table


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