We already know what the wedding dress trends will be with the brides of 2023

The familiar rhyme “something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new” is a wedding dress tradition believed to bring good fortune to the bride and groom (via Reader’s Digest). Many brides incorporate their “something blue” in the form of small details, like their garter or a meaningful accessory. What if the whole dress could be blue instead?

One of the most distinctive wedding dress trends in 2023 is the blue wedding dress. Designers have played with color in the past, using understated colors like cream, blush and pale pink. This year, however, blue is the new girl in town, and brides are here for it. Additionally, Love the Sales reported that online sales of “colorful wedding dresses” have jumped 50% in the past year, which is a good indicator that this trend is here to stay (via fashionista).

Notable examples include designer Nadia Manjarrez Studio’s stunning blue ball gown with removable balloon sleeves and delicate floral embroidery. The Roma of Ines Di Santo is another bridal favourite. This stunning sleeveless cocktail dress in a pastel blue features a deep V-neck, an open square back and a detachable overskirt with hand painted white flowers in the train. Other designers like Amsale and Francesca Miranda are playing with softer blue and lavender hues for the color-loving bride who doesn’t want to stray too far from traditional white.

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