Weave your own “marriage story”

Published: Updated on – 2:38 p.m., Tue – 26 Jul 22

Hyderabad: The countdown begins for the finest luxury fashion exhibition, “The Bridal Story”, in Hyderabad. Get ready to witness a premium high-end exhibition of exclusive, creative and sparkling collections of wedding wear, bridal wear, high-end designer wear, designer sarees, jewelry and more.

“The Bridal Story”, which will be held in the city at HICC-Novotel, HITEC City, on July 30 and 31, will be a benchmark in the high-end and luxury fashion exhibition segment in the country.

Promoted by JITO Ladies Wing – JITO Hyderabad Ladies Wing, the exhibition will showcase the best hand-picked designers, fashion brands and jewelers from across the country under one roof.
Suman Bachawat, Director and Head of JITO Ladies Wing; Sunita Bohra, National President, JITO Ladies Wing; Sonali Duggar, secretary; JITO Ladies Wing and National Organizer for The Bridal Story; Dimple Jain, National Manager of The Bridal Story Wing, is behind the exhibit.

“At JITO, we are aligned with a distinct purpose of giving back to society, helping those in need, educating children, promoting health, sanitation and the well-being of citizens. Thus, our vision has prompted us to create many activities, events, exhibitions that are executed throughout the year to fund all our social activities,” they shared.

Sarlla Bhutoria, President, JITO Hyderabad Ladies Wing; Sudha Keemti, Secretary, JITO Hyderabad Ladies Wing; Sudha Jain, Creative Head of The Bridal Story, added, “‘The Bridal Story’ is one of our initiatives to create a premium marketplace that houses the best designers, jewelers and fashion designer brands under one roof. roof, as we have seen. Hyderabad has evolved tremendously. and the fashion scene has grown exponentially, providing a full luxurious avenue for discerning shoppers. “The Bridal Story” is far beyond any exposition of traditional fashion. This will be one of the most prestigious exhibitions of its kind in the city.

“The Bridal Story” invites the finest exhibitors, the crème de la crème of society, to bring together the best of everything for your much-desired fairytale wedding. It promises to be the preferred destination choice for all brides and grooms.

The Bridal Story aims to showcase talented designers, bespoke jewelry and everything in the bridal industry to turn a routine wedding into an exhilarating experience. Actor Saanvi Meghana, top models and fashion enthusiasts showcased high-end designer clothes on the ramp as well as exotic jewelry announcing the dates of the high-end luxury exhibition ‘The Bridal Story’.

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