While Tom Brady has been charging his rookie Patriots teammates expensive dinner bills, this two-time Super Bowl champion condemns rookie dinners: ‘Guys come into the league with no financial knowledge’

The story of former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and expensive rookie dinners has led some former players to condemn the tradition. Knowledge surrounding the hazing portion of the dinner party drew criticism, particularly from former two-time Super Bowl champion Torrey Smith. Believing that the tradition was exploiting young NFL recruits too much, the ex-NFL wide was ending it.

The former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver took to Twitter to avoid lore, indicatingRookie dinners are BS! I’m glad I got an OG who realized that teaching me how to spend money is STUPID. This does not prove that you belong to a team. Shout out to @AnquanBoldin! Guys come into the league with no financial literacy and real problems, but people think 50,000 dinners are cool! NAH!


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The whole ordeal began following a recent episode of The Pivot Podcast featuring New York Jets No. 10 draft pick WR Garrett Wilson.

His unfamiliarity with the expensive rookie dinner bills made him a viral social media sensation. It also gave Smith his chance to call in the end. While the comments could be the former player going against the grain, it does raise a valid point.

Did NFL veterans like Tom Brady make a mistake with their hazing techniques?

The practice may be a little too harmful for the many NFL draft hopefuls who won’t make millions of dollars. It’s something Smith alludes to while calling for more supportive and ideal mentorship from NFL veterans. Lack of guidance for smart financial management at the start exposes them to bankruptcy after retirement.


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Although it’s a fun and welcoming tradition, maybe it’s time to make constructive rather than destructive changes.

While dissent towards the tradition of some outlets is tough, but needs tinkering.


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Upcoming recruits will vary the lore and possibly adjust things accordingly. While this may end a longstanding tradition, it could be replaced with a more welcoming atmosphere for rookies. The 2022 season will allow them to make a good impression and build their legacy.

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