Winter clothing analogy highlights school public health guidelines


Dr Leana said if schools are following all public health guidelines to create what she calls a “layered mitigation strategy”.

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One expert used a fairly simple analogy with winter clothing to explain how important it is for schools to follow all public health guidelines when it comes to managing COVID-19 and ensuring health. child safety. It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the 2 year mark of this global pandemic, and cases continue to skyrocket thanks to the new variants that have been introduced. Schools were able to reopen again for in-person instruction, but they had to implement strict guidelines. Despite experts urging schools to follow recommended precautions, some school districts, states and parents still disagree.

The recommended guidelines are to get vaccinated (if possible), wear a mask and stay away when possible. These methods have been shown to be effective in limiting the spread of the virus, but it can be difficult for parents and non-medical educators to read and analyze the scientific evidence demonstrating their effectiveness.

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According to CNN and Awsforwp, an expert used a simple analogy to explain how the guidelines work and they used winter clothing as an example. The expert is Dr Leana Wen, emergency physician and professor of health policy and management at George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health.

Dr Leana said that if schools follow all public health guidelines to create what she calls a “layered mitigation strategy,” it can ensure that schools can stay open and that students can be too. as safe as possible from contracting the virus. She says think of it like you would think of winter clothes on a cold winter day. When it’s cold outside, we need multiple layers to keep us warm, and the guidelines are no different.

The “colder” it gets, the more diapers we need. The same is true with the virus, the more severe a virus, the more protection a person needs. If someone stays away, without a mask or vaccine, they won’t be as protected as they could be, and they won’t offer much protection to someone else. However, if a person is vaccinated (if possible), wears a face mask, washes their hands regularly, and tries to keep a distance of 6 feet, if possible, they will be as protected as possible. They will also be able to offer protection to others. If everyone in the school system followed these protocols, the community would be more immune to the virus.

Sources: CNN, Awsforwp

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