World’s most expensive Apple Watch case arrives with 433 diamonds

Swedish luxury brand Golden Concept has a habit of approaching traditional cases for various Apple products with a sense of ostentatious richness. In a nod to how Apple Watch users are trying to find creative ways to improve the aesthetics of their wearable, the brand has now launched what is billed as the world’s most expensive Apple Watch case. , set with no less than 443 diamonds and made by hand. from a single block of titanium. Dubbed the Apple Watch Diamond Edition case, the new offering is extremely limited in quantity and has already started shipping for Apple Watch Series 7 and upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 models.

Only seven of these diamond-encrusted cases will be priced at $15,000 each. And yes, while this super expensive Apple Watch case may just be a show of excessive wealth for Apple users desperate for more ways to spend money, it’s actually a solid comment on the way digital watch faces could never really replace a case when it comes to aesthetics.

As the first and likely last Apple Watch case to use real diamonds, each Golden Concept Diamond Edition takes at least a week to be set and hand-finished with all 443 diamonds. And they don’t skimp on the diamonds either. They are E color diamonds, each with a VVS1-2 clarity rating implying exceptional quality and a cut with only a few visible inclusions. In total, the weight of all the diamonds in the handcrafted titanium Apple Watch case weighs around four carats.

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Each Golden Concept Diamond Edition case features a high-quality fluoroelastomer rubber strap that appears to have been inspired by an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The case itself can be personalized with an engraving on the back.

Mentioning the Apple Watch, the California-based company is expected to announce all the details about the three Apple Watch Series 8 models on Wednesday, September 7 during a special Apple launch event. This is expected to also include details of the iPhone 14 lineup, with new iPhone and Apple Watch products starting to ship around the middle of this month.

As above, only seven of these Apple Watch luxury diamond cases have been made available. If you’re the kind of guy who would spend $15,000 to make his wearable look like a luxury watch, you can order one of the Diamond Editions from Golden Concept’s website.

An Apple Watch case with 433 diamonds
Apple Watch case with 433 diamonds
Apple Watch case with 433 diamonds.

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