WOW offers the stored clothes to designers

A number of garments that were part of the historic WOW collection were handed over to their designers.

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A number of garments that were part of the historic WOW collection were handed over to their designers.

Designers whose work was purchased by the World of WearableArt (WOW) for their collection were offered their clothes due to lack of storage space.

Several designers from World of WearableArt (WOW) said Thing their clothes were returned to them.

They had already been purchased by the company and had been stored at WOW’s storage facility in Nelson.

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In 2019, the World of WearableArt Awards Show (WOW) injected $ 27.9 million into the region’s economy.

WOW competition manager Kat Sprowell said the clothes were returned to their designers due to the limited capacity of the storage building.

Every few cycles, WOW would offer a number of garments to their designers, Sprowell said.

What clothes were offered in return was the decision of the owners of the collection. The designers would pay for the shipping of the garment if they wanted it returned.

“We continue to have a collection, it’s shrinking just because of storage limitations.

“There are no plans to destroy the collection. “

WOW’s historic collection consisted of clothing acquired from awards shows dating back to WOW’s beginnings.

The amount of clothing in the collection has increased over the years. At one point, it contained 300 to 400 items of clothing.

WOW was “transparent” that at some point he would be unable to continue holding the garment and would return it to the artist, Sprowell said.

In this case, the goal was always to return the garment to its creator.

Some designers didn’t want their clothes returned. For those who have, the organization has arranged shipping quotes for them.

Sprowell said WOW is always happy to keep the garment until a designer can afford to take it back.

“Times are really tough. It’s always quite difficult in the arts, but it gets more difficult in the pandemic.

“If a designer was desperate to get it back but said ‘I can’t afford it now’, we would work with them.

“We will never disrespect their wishes.”

If the garment was not wanted by its creator, it would be recycled. However, this was the last option for WOW.

“This is the last stop to recycle clothing. We are doing all we can to avoid it.

Sprowell said that during the recent comeback cycle, WOW only received support from the designers.

The company was currently in the process of “recalibrating” after the cancellation of this year’s Wellington show.

It was disappointing for everyone involved, including the designers who had worked to bring their clothes to New Zealand from overseas.

However, it was no different from what everyone else was going through, Sprowell said.

“It’s pretty heartbreaking to be so close to the start of rehearsals to get pulled all in.

“We’re just focused now on the future.”

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