Yalitza Aparicio responds to critics saying she shouldn’t wear designer clothes

Yalitza Aparicio has always had a lot on her shoulders. The actress, who rose to fame after starring in Alfonso Cuarón Rome, has for a long time carried the representation not only of Mexico, but also of its indigenous Oaxaca tribe, as well as the criticisms that this entails. But, in an interview with influencer Juanpa Zurita, Aparicio hit back at people who criticized her for wearing designer clothes.

“It’s my way of communicating what I want,” Aparicio said. “I was judged for the type of clothes I wear, how I dress and how I behave because I come from an indigenous community. Give me a justification and a logical reason why I can’t wear designer clothes. »

There isn’t, of course. Aparicio is judged for who she is, and the expectations others place on her have nothing to do with reality, just preconceptions. The actress should be able to wear what she wants, when she wants, without other people’s ideas about her appearance or behavior coming into play.

But Aparicio not only hit back at the absurd notion that her indigenous roots have kept her from wearing designer clothes, she also called out people who appropriate indigenous culture. It is, after all, ironic that it is such a widespread problem, but in turn, she is being criticized for what she wears.

Finally, Aparicio was clear when she said her Indigenous roots didn’t mean she couldn’t afford designer clothes and that there should be no limits to what she can wear, whether share their own desires.

We fully support Yalitza Aparicio making her own decisions about what makes her feel good. Other people’s decisions in general, and fashion decisions in particular, do not concern us. Respect is a broad word, but a fairly simple way to put it into practice is to understand that we have no say in what other people wear. As simple as that.

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